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Since mine has rotten - anybody knows as cheap as possible replacement?
I am planning to replace whole exhaust system next year - so, I don't want to do custom. Also, I don't want to pay "twice".

Googling offered me, basically, three options
1) mytical "API performance parts" - 2008-2009 Subaru Tribeca Muffler - Exhaust - API, Center 08-09 Tribeca Muffler - 28720-07684536 - PartsGeek - 140usd
+ it is supposed to be plug&play (which, probably, it is not)
- manufacturers website with proper pictures - I couldn't find. This means - I am not sure how bad are bends... (more on this later on Walker option)
This might be best option, but I would like to see it first "in person"...
(this part from subaru is at least 370+ bucks).

cheapest thus far. roughly 95bucks. will require - either additional hardware or even welding.
as you can see on a picture - bends are SH!T.

3) supposedly stainless steel, but for this price? :D 450usd.

Walkers option seems closest to my interest, but "quality" of bends are just... just.... just....

So - anybody can suggest any other options?
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