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Traced back my cylinder 1 & 6 misfires to either bad injectors, or ECU issues. Swapping coil packs continued with misfires in 1 & 6. And two injectors failing at exactly the same time, seems implausible.

I bought another 07 ECU with the "B" moniker at the end of the code. Got it to my friends shop only to have it run even worse, with more reported misfiring cylinders. So I found one more 07 ECU with the final build "C" moniker.

Once he puts it in, am I just going to have more issues? Are these ECU's not swappable like most other cars I've owned? Do I need it reflashed? I'm really trying to avoid spending $800 on a factory fresh one, especially when this B9 is getting way up in age.

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