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I was inquiring with Cobb regarding some of the suspension mods they made to the Tribeca. I got a response. Bad news... looks like I'm back to square one.

Original message:


Thanks for taking the time to speak with me regarding our Tribeca.

As per our discussion, I’m inquiring on any and all information regarding the suspension modifications made to the Cobb Tribeca, and/or the availability of the springs used on that particular vehicle. Perhaps the springs were removed prior to sale? Perhaps they are still laying around somewhere? Perhaps you can provide me with some information on who (what company) produced the springs for you?

Again… Long time Cobb enthusiast… Cobb tuned Stage 3, 06 WRX, I’m “ninefourteener” on your Forums, as well as numerous other Subaru websites. Also, the co-founder/moderator of the SLCSUBARU.COM forum…. Just started it up a few weeks ago.

The wife and I just purchase an 07 Tribeca Ltd less than a week ago and although we are completely aware that there is a lack of available aftermarket performance accessories for The Tribeca, I have the skills and knowledge to take on this task… but I could really use your help in locating the resources.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Their response:

So I have bad news for you. The springs were custom made for us as a "one time" deal. For us to get another set made it would cost us a couple thousand in tooling to make the springs. It sounds like the springs were sold with the car as we had no use for them once the car was gone. So we will not be able to provide you with anything that will work with your Tribeca. It will be very difficult to find anything aftermarket for that car. Everything that we made for our Tribeca has been sold or used in another project. Sorry about that.
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