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I wanted to share my tire choice on here because this car is a bit of a tough car to shop for. I bought a 2010 with about 60,000 miles on the original tires. They weren't fully worn but they didn't grip well at all and caused a lot of body roll so I started looking for options.

Usually I get Michelins on everything and usually buy them from Costco. The selection was way smaller than when I shop for tires for my Outbacks, Costco only had like 2 options that were $250-300 per tire. So I did a lot of research on Tirerack and other sites. The must haves were:
  • All season
  • Great traction
  • 109 load index
  • High speed rating, just in case ;)
  • Price
  • Reputable brand and made in the USA or a country friendly with the USA
I ended up getting Dunlop Signature HP from Discount Tire for $155 each. It's hard to find any "Performance" tires in 255/55/18 but there are a few out there because it seems the Porsche Cayenne and Audi use this size as well. But many of the tires tout the high treadwear numbers then have lots of bad reviews for traction. Obviously treadwear and traction cancel each other out and I care more about enjoying my car so I would rather change my tires out a little more often and have sticky rubber. That said, the treadwear number is still quite high. And the 109 load range makes a stiffer sidewall and produces less body roll. I was planning to change my struts but now I don't feel the need because the body roll has been reduced. Specs are below:
  • Category "Ultra High Performance All Season" according to TireRack
  • Traction AA
  • Treadwear 500
  • Temperature A
  • Load index 109
  • Load range XL
  • Speed rating 149mph
  • Made in USA
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