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Driving adventure 07vs06 and Stability control

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OK, as some of you know, I have had an 06 Tribeca 7 pass nav for a couple of months. My father was so impressed with it that they wanted one as well. We live in PEI Canada and bought our Tribeca at a considerable savings from a dealer in Maine. My father decided to go to the same dealer and My wife and I went to get it the same way we had gotten ours....take a long one way bus trip and drive the Tribeca home the next day.

Weather has been extremely and unusually warm for November and the prospect of testing out an 07 Tribeca was appealing. Besides, I wanted to pick up a few options for our Tribeca....puddle light kit, winter matts, rear cargo tray and bumper cover. Also, I had Michelin Latitude X-ice winter tires on alloy wheels sent to the dealer from Tirerack...again at a great savings from having them shipped to me at home.

So Saturday morning the dealer picked us up at the hotel (we are old friends by now after buying our own tribeca there). We arrived at the dealer to find everything loaded into my parents new 07 Limited newport blue 5 pass Tribeca (11 miles on the odo). Shortly after poking around a Legacy Spec B (nice) and an Impreza WRX (the one without the huge rear wing) we were on our way. We stopped in Bangor on the way to shop...the dealer had given us a $50 gift certificate to LLbeans and we put it to use.

I was eager to see if I could detect the differences in the suspension on the 07's. Can't really say, it handled very well, maybe took the large bumps better than an 06 but felt the small bumps more?!?! Imagination???....can't really say for sure. I think it's a fairly subtle difference. The memory seats were a little disappointing as they don't seem to go back to a memory setting while you are driving. I thought I would be able to set it....mess around with the seat position while driving and hit the button to go back to the memory setting....nope...only while the vehicle is still it seems but I didn't test this theory fully.

I really missed the Nav....more than I thought I turned around getting out of Auburn/lewiston, missed knowing the distance and time to a given turn off/exit. The Back up camera would have been nice too but my parents don't travel anymore and so the extra $$$ would have been a waste. May look at a wireless one with the screen in the top armrest location.

Ironically my father will never use the Ipod hookup or the sat radio option....Maybe an el-switcharoo?? Naa...better not.

Theirs has the same grey interior as ours and it was just like driving ours...except the nav. It was nice to see the outside temp without having to hit info. Seems strange that with all that space, the radio doesn't display more info like radio station names rather than just numbers etc.

So given the short days and the shopping time it was starting to get dark as we followed the I95 north of Bangor, heading toward the Canadian border....That's when we tested the stability control....

It had just gotten dark. I had the lights on and my wife Shelley was sleeping in the passenger seat. I was going about 70MPH in the right hand lane of this divided highway with no cars to be seen. I was alert at that point...not messing with the cruise control on....both hands on the wheel (sometimes I'm guilty of not being fully alert in that situation). Suddenly I saw a large deer running toward me from the left hand lane. I swerved sharply to the right....onto the shoulder of the road and even then I expected to hear the deer contact the rear of the Tribeca because he was coming so fast (those antlers looked huge!). I pulled back onto the road somehow having avoided the deer. The Tribeca handled extremely well during this maneuver and I expect the stability control kicked in to keep me from losing control. As I said, I was extremely grateful for the handling of the tribeca and I was glad we managed to not damage it (only 200 miles on it at that point). I'm not sure what noise I made or what words came out of my mouth when I spotted the deer but Shelley woke up in time to catch a glimpse of it as I swerved away. It all happened very fast but in hindsight I think I was lucky I didn't slam on the brakes as that would have slowed me down enough so that the deer would have definitely hit me.

Being from PEI where we don't have any deer I was extremely vigilant for the rest of the trip. Sure enough, a couple of hours later, I spotted another of the little buggers poised on the right hand side of the road, coming out of the ditch. This time it was standing there waiting to cross and I gave it a wide birth.

So we were happy to arrive home and my parents were happy to have their new Tribeca....damage free.

I think Subaru deserves more attention for the safety of all their vehicles. They should promote it more. I see the VW commercials touting their safety all the time and yet they only get a silver crash test rating...same with Audi. I expect that Subaru is the only company to have all their vehicles claim a gold crast test rating.

Anyway, the Tribeca is a great handling and safe vehicle and I'm glad my family now has 2. Now I'm busy installing those extra's I got. Thanks to Peaty for for the detailed instructions. About to tackle the puddle lights!

I may post this story on some of the other forums so don't be surprised to read it elsewhere.
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Nice write-up, Tup. :tup:

My only comment has to do with the memory seats. Sometimes I can adjust them while moving, sometimes I cannot. I suspect that there is some safeguard that inhibits adjustment under certain conditions - but I have no clue what that safeguard is.
Nice write up :)

I have the wiring diagram for the seats and now I know what the one wire going to the shifter is for. It makes it so you can only change the seats when not moving I suppose.
Well, I managed to get the rear bumper protector on as well as get the puddle lights installed. The rear bumper protector was pretty easy...just placed a little tape on the bumper to show where the edges should line up and then peeled and attached (it was a little cool in the garage so I preheated the bumper and adhesive). It looks good and should be functional.

Next the puddle lights....a bit more challenging. I took my laptop into the garage and fired up to follow Peaty's excellent instructions. I'm neither handsome or handy so the process took me more time on the first side than it probably should have. I was hesitant to cut into the skirt at first and found it tough but once I got the hang of it, I was ok. I found drilling the holes in the corner helped me. I found it odd that there was the one grey clip for the skirt that had to be placed in a specific slot...although if anyone is wondering...there is little letters next to each clip slot....B for black (or pink for the new ones) and G for grey. I found getting under the fender to find the wiring harness a challenge (forgot one hidden clip in the wheel well) and also had trouble getting some of those clips back in seemed that for some reason certain clips fit into certain slots much better than others. No problem getting the lights to work. I was a little alarmed at one point half way through to find adhesive foam pieces in the kit. They were shaped like the puddle lights and even had tiny little pieces the size of the tiny bolt holes. I could not figure any purpose for these foam pieces. Cut outs from the foam around the lights themselves was all I could figure.

Anyhow, they worked first try for each side and the skirt snapped back in place rather well. All in all very heppy with the results although my wife just said..."Oh yeah, those look nice" and walked away! A little more fuss or clapping even would have been I said, I'm not the most handy in terms of home projects so I was feeling rather proud. Soon I'll be switching out the tires/wheels for the winter wheels. I think they look very good and I'll post pics when I get them added.
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Peaty said:
Nice write up :)

I have the wiring diagram for the seats and now I know what the one wire going to the shifter is for. It makes it so you can only change the seats when not moving I suppose.
Thats interesting, Peaty. Like I said above, sometimes I can adjust the seats while moving. Sometimes not. I wonder if that wire picks up which gear the vehicle is in? Or possibly, mine just isn't working properly...
Thanks for the '06 '07 comparison. I have recently bought an '06 and was wondering how the suspension differences would "feel".

PEI has no deer? Interesting that the species has not been introduced to the island. We owned a summer home in Nova Scotia for several years (sold last summer) and we had lots of deer that loved to eat our flowers and vegetables.

Looking forward to seeing pics of those new wheels:)
When I heard that they "Re-tuned" the suspension for 07, I was wondering exactly what they did. Typically what happens is, they set the valving initially, they do it for handling and sporty feel. I kind of like the way the 06 feels myself. Then based on some feedback by the public, they make it more cushy and squishy or "Americanize" it which I don't really care for. Most Americans don't want to feel the road , they want that cushy ride.
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