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Did we get a good deal on our B9?

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My girlfriend and I just bought a 2006 Silver B9 with 17,500 miles on it for $23,975. We got them to give us $3k for her 2000 Ford Explorer with 130k miles on it so we were out the door for around $23k flat. The Subaru is a 5 passenger limited with the puddle lights, 6 disc mp3 cd changer (and accompanying upgraded sound package), moonroof, and all of the other goodies that come on the limiteds. How did we do?
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probably should have asked before you bought it. did it come w/ navi? if so, you got a good deal.
Nope. I read on here that the early 06's didn't have the nav as an option. The only two options the car doesn't have are the nav and XM radio.
not sure, my wife and i bought a 2006 7p limited with navi and dvd entertainment. at the time, we were given a $1000 allowance on the 7p, so we bought it instead of the 5p.
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