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Custom exhaust - for maximums silencing

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Has anyone had experience replacing stock exhaust with aftermarket or custom one with main goal - silence it as much as possible?
If yes - any pictures, descriptions or even part numbers?

Mine is quite rusty, recently rear Y-split tried to separate my Tribeca from left rear muffler, but it won't stay long anyway :D

I have "very smart idea" of removing spare wheel and put some custom muffler there and, may be, do some switching exhaust... but that is still me - having too much free time on my hands :D
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1) as a future roadmap (if I don't loose interest, if I don't get another car, etc etc) - I am thinking about supercharger. Australian Raptors are known for offering such products - , though I am thinking more about other construction (not centrifugal, as they tend to work as turbocharger (adding power just up in revs, while I want it low-mid the most)). for now (since limited knowledge) - considering roots or twin-screw.
2) new exhaust(starting from heads) - starting manifolds and till the end. two parts: first with maximum flow, second part (with valves) for additional muffler in place of spare wheel. so - for cruising - muffler on (to "fly under the radar"), for higher rpm (and/or sport button) (and driving in tunnels) - just open it :D
interested as well... anybody do any exhaust work on Tribeca? Any of the other Subie exhuast mount up?
A friend of mine had an aftermarket cat back for a wrx if I remember right that he had to modify to fit his Tribeca. I think it had to be lengthened and the front end of the stock exhaust where it mounts up had to be cut off and welded on the cat back. There was also some interference with the spare tire so he ran without one. Hey lighter. I would have to contact him and get specifics.
what was the goal for that exhaust from wrx?
Same goals as anyone that puts an exhaust on their vehicle.

some want to "sound like v8, lambo, ferrari, rich neibourghs ford gt40", some want power, some want it to be silent, some just want to fix el-cheapo...
A flat6 Tribeca is never going to sound like a v8, or gt40, and a cat back is never put on to be silent or el cheapo. The closest thing would be to sound more like a Porsche and a bit more power.
yeah... nice explanation about "why people install exhausts" :D
Funny guys.
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