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I want to put a bike rack on our '08 Tribeca. It is a 5 pass LTD that came with the factory rack, and I need to first get some crossbars. Does anyone have any experience with purchasing any non-OEM crossbars? I would like to save a few buck$.

I have been to my local bike store and tried Yakima products. They suggested the "Low Rider" product but it didn't seem to be a very secure fit. Has anyone used this and been happy with it?

Other questions- does anyone know if Yakima (or another company) makes the OEM products for Subaru? I thought I saw their name on some of the factory accessories.

If I do end up going with the OEM round crossbars, does anyone know of a good source that would beat the $240 price tag at my local dealership?

Thanks in advance. Love this forum!
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