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We have an '06 Tribeca into which we are trying to fit a Britax Marathon child carseat. Our problem is that the headrests, when fully lowered overlap the edge of the rear seat and prevent the childseat from making full contact with the seatback. This makes the child seat less stable, since only about 1/2 the base is on the seat-bottom. The only soution we found is to fully raise the headrest and fit the carseat underneath the overhanging flap of the headrest (the Marathon is a really large seat). This seems to work, but really obstructs the view from the already small rear window.
  • Does anybody know if it's possible to totally remove the headrests while we have the carseat installed and put them back later?
  • Do any parents with carseats installed in their Tribecas have any advice on how to deal with either the headrest issue or visibility in general?
Thanks a lot for any help!

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I'll have to check again but I thought the headrest came out if you flipped a lever in the back. I could be thinking the OB though. I have to check again.

OK I had to check and I must have been thinking the Outback, you are right these do not come off. Seems strange. I guess reclining is the best option other than raising it up.
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