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Hello! I've seen MANY reports on the west coast (Seattle and California) of catalytic converter thieves swiping cats for the precious metals contained inside. On our neighborhood "Nextdoor" group, I have been seeing reports daily. The most popular target is the Prius, apparently because the cats are bigger or contain more precious metals or maybe because cats on hybrids are less "worn out"? The next most popular category is...SUVs, because they are high enough off the ground that the thieves don't need to use a jack -- just slide under. Articles aren't explicitly mentioning Tribecas, and I wouldn't expect them to, but that's because there are approximately 17 left on the road. :) My Tribeca lives on the street outside my house, and I'm going to be really frustrated to start the car in the morning and discover there are empty spaces where the cats once were. I haven't crawled under the car recently, but as I recall, there are 2 cats, one for each bank of cylinders, and they are both just completely exposed (as they are on most cars).

I see several types of anti-theft is 40 feet of steel cable that makes a cocoon all around the cat, presumably making it really frustrating to cut through. This one is "universal fit".
Another type that I like better (and has been more effective in real-world tests) is a skid plate that covers the cats. Sure, a guy could cut all the way through the skid plate, or remove it (I imagine it's just bolted on), but these clowns just roll under a car with a cordless sawzall, cut through the o2 sensor wires and the exhaust pipe, and are on their way in literally a minute or so. If they crawl under the car and see a skid plate blocking access, then they'll probably just move on to some other car rather than take the time to go get a socket set and a ratchet.
The problem with the skid plate is that they are custom fit for each model of car -- specifically, they seem to be exclusively made for Priuses. I've looked for Tribeca skid plates online, but the ones I have seen protect just the transmission or just the oil pan -- nothing goes all the way across and as far back as the cats. Looking at pics online, it appears that the cats are just about even with the suspension, so it may not be straightforward to bolt protection to this area anyway.

Also, looking online, it appears that aftermarket exhausts -- engine to tailpipe -- are about $250 a side, so maybe not much more expensive than a catalytic converter protector anyway.

My friend also offered to take a piece of chain, weld one end to the cat and the other end to the frame, and call it a day. :) Not sure how effective this would really be -- is a chain that much of an impediment to a sawzall?
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