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I was in Beantown over the weekend to visit my mom and ended up getting up at 7am to drive her to work. When we got outside, it was windy and snowing heavily. There was already more then sx inches on the ground (I think) and the city didn't even get the plows out.

Glad we brought the B9 and not my Civic. The B9 had no problem going through the unplowed streets. I had no issues with traction and the ABS worked fine :cool:

There were almost no other drivers around except for a few cabs fishtailing around. The only bad thing about the B9 are the crappy 06-07 wiper arms/ blades. The passenger side didn't do a good job cleaning anything and snow built up really easily. Good thing I picked up the All Weather mats. They definitly saved the interior!

Now I've got to get her cleaned up after all that snow and salt.

Just something I thought I'd add to the Member's Journel section.
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