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Brake Booster message.
So, I had the engine out to replace the head gaskets, chains and guides,pump, ect.
I had not driven this car to be familiar with the displays on the dash. So I did not know this was showing before
worked on the car.
I checked what other people on the forum had done. I pulled the vac, pump of and check with a 12v power, Good
Checked the vac, switch with a manual hand pump, Good
Then I put a vacuum gage on the tube that the vac.switch would connect to : nothing. Aha, The hose going from the manifold to the vacuum line was turned 180 degrees!
There is a check valve in the middle of this hose. There is also a check valve in the hose from the vacuum pump to the tube that connects all of this togather.
Problem solved.
So, if you have had the intake off of your engine, or ether of these two hoses off and end up with hard brakes not working, there could be your problem.

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Wow! Thanks for taking the time to circle back and post this!!
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