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AutoDim / compass rear view mirror vibration

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I've noticed before that the rear view mirror in my wife's car was a little loose. It would vibrate or jump when going over bumpy roads. Well I have the car this week since she's out of town. It bothered me enough to have a closer look. While most things end up being a lot harder than it seems it should at first glance, this was very simple. A quick twist with a T-20 Torx screwdriver an all was well. Some info here:

Just thought I'd pass that on for anyone else with the same problem.
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Drove to work today and it's much better now :) When I went over expansion joints the mirror would hop a little, not now.
Peaty, was this an ez install? I want to get one for our B9.
They are very simple to insatall. Our B9 came with one but I've put them in a few other Scoobies I've owned, this is how it went in the Forester:

all others were very similar. I'm attaching an install PDF that may help.


Thanks, it looks pretty straight forward. Do you really think I should pull the negative off the car? If I do, won't it reset a whole bunch of stuff or will I only loose radio presets?
I never have pulled the negative off myself, I think they do that just in case, in case of what I'm not sure :)
Looks like my 05 LGT has the same issue. Thanks Peaty, I'll take a look.
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