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Hello all, I'm trying to figure out a P0500 code on an '08 Tribeca. When I run FreeSSM and look at the Cruise Control section, I get a code of 64 "Engine Sensor Failure 1". I've tried to look up the C code everywhere, but I don't see it. I downloaded the FSM for the Tribeca, and the code isn't listed at all in the There are no codes on the transmission, I've replaced the speed sensors themselves with no change in the codes. To test the speed sensors, I've unplugged both of the front speed sensors, and the codes did not change. I still get a speedometer reading, and the engine seems to be running in a limp home mode. I have cleared the codes, and they come right back. I downloaded the FSM, and it refers me to look up the VDC codes, but 64 is not listed there.
Is there something I'm missing?

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