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Recently purchased a 2011 Tribeca. It’s gotten above/near 90 degrees the last couple of days and noticed on those really hot days the AC blows cool, but not cold. The morning of those days it was blowing really cold and I had to turn it off.

Today it was only around 82 and it was blowing nice and cold. It feels like it might be a bit colder on the passenger side than the driver and yes, both sides are set to same temperature. But in general, AC worked flawlessly today, had to raise the temperature, lower the fan level, and eventually turned it off it got so cold.

Earlier this morning while in the garage I swapped the AC relay for the horn relay and it seemed to blow cold. Put the AC relay back in and it seemed to also blow cold. Still possible issue of a bad AC relay?

Any idea what it might be? If it’s an easy fix I can do at home I will. Otherwise will take to the mechanic, but would prefer knowing some possible issues so I know ballpark costs ahead of time.

I saw this video and thought I’d give it a try, but my AC compressor looks like the image, and nothing to insert, like in the video, without removing the pulley.

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