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Does anyone know if there is some sort of aftermarket grille/protection for the lower center opening below the main grille (pictured below just above the silver bumber cover)? This is the big center lower opening behind the front license plate.

The reason I ask is, well, have you reached in yours yet? It is a rather large passage directly to the radiator which seems to be quite a huge vulnerable spot considering how road debris is common. Sure the huge "tooth" in the middle offers SOME radiator protection as does the license plate itself, but there is still a large vulnerable spot to either side of this "tooth". I'm looking for something that will fill this hole but still be ventilated for the radiator to breathe.

Ideally, this grille would match the two fog light covers since they line up perfectly. Obviously Subaru is aware of road hazards as they offer the accessory shown above, but it baffles me they can overlook the bigger picture.
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