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Ran across an article posted by Jeff Perrin on NASIOC that I found interesting. His little tidbit of info on our 3.0 H6.

"There are many things about this engine that are very cool. Just looking at the specs doesn't do it justice. 3.0L, 6 cylinders, DOHC, AVCS, AVLS, 250HP in stock form, aluminum block, forged steel crank, chain driven cams, and only .700" longer than an EJ20! Did I mention 3 point zero liters! Being familiar with the 4 bangers, the first thing that I was interested in seeing was how the Variable lift worked. The cams are the first strange thing you see as each valve has 3 lobes. One central lobe for the low lift and 2 outer ones for high lift, longer duration. The bucket is where the magic happens. There is an inner and outer piston that rubs on both cam lobes all time. When the solenoid allows oil pressure to shoot through the oil gallery, it locks the inner piston to the outer piston/bucket, and bam, new cam profile. I have to say this is probably the coolest part of the engine. Word is this is a co-developed technology from Porsche and Subaru, sure enough the parts are made in Germany."

The whole article on his H6 turbo STI can be read here:
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