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Hello All,

I am new to the forum so I apoligize if I wasn't able to find the answer using the search engine...

I own a 2006 B9 Tribeca Limited I purchased new in 2006.

I have the same clunking suspension previously experience by many forum users. Dealer supposedly replaced all four sway bar bushings at my 30K service because they were cracked. I am experiencing the same symptoms now at 64K miles.

I refuse to purchase any more crap bushings from Subaru. I have done my research and Energy Suspension makes 53 different sway bar bushings for the B9. Most are based on sway bar size in MM. I have called the dealers service and parts dept's. and niether could tell me the diameter of the front and rear sway bars. (Pissed me off...if the dealer doesn't know the diameter where do I turn to)?

Can anyone help me with a resource to determine front & rear sway bar diameter so I can buy the right size bushings...?
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