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Up for sale I have the BBS RE wheels off of my 05 STI. Oddly enough, they also fit the B9 (same offset, bolt pattern, ect). They are 18x8, 40mm offset, 5x114.3 bolt pattern. They retail for just over $2600 new from, plus shipping and all of that good stuff.
I currently have Falken Azenis RT-615 tires mounted on them, however that really won't work for you B9 guys, so I'd be willing to take the tires off and just sell the wheels. TireRack recommends a 255/55/18 tire. The tire on there now is a 235/40/18.
As for the condition of the wheels...2 of them are absolutely perfect, not one blemish. One wheel has 2 small scratches on them that you can see in the first picture. They are both maybe 1/2" in length. Finally, one wheel had some damage to it so I had it refinished by a local place called Wheels America. They did a great job smoothing out the wheel, but the color matching is off a little. Out of 5 people I asked, only 1 could pick out the wheel that was freshly painted. If you're not looking for a difference it's very hard to see, especially once they are mounted on the car, and not right next to each other.
I'm looking to get $2000 firm for the wheels or $2500 for the wheels and tires. Like I said they retail for $2620 brand new, and due to the condition of these wheels (used for about 2000 miles tops), $2000 seems like a fair price to ask. This price does not include shipping. Also included of course are the 4 BBS center caps and 20 lug nuts.
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