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Hi Everyone,

My name is Ramtin. After spending years on other Japanese cars, I realized that Subaru is something special. As I spend lots of time before buying anything, I started to investigate about Subaru, and as I like larger cars, and specifically SUVs, I targeted Tribeca. I spent a lot of time, read tons of surveys, articles, review, compares and watched hours of Videos. Finally in October i bought my first Subaru, which is a 2007 Tribeca, and is a CPO car.

The car and driving experience is totally different. I feel excellent about safety options, and airbags surrounding me from corner to corner. Well the car doesn't speed up like my 05 3.6V Nissan Altima, but driving Tribeca is very exciting, and extremely comfortable.

As this is my first Subaru, please help me know about maintenance, oil change, belts and any other useful tips. I always behave my car like its alive, and it is!

Thanks all new Subaru friends in advance


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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