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  1. OEM Roof Cross Bar Kit Bolt Size

    Exterior / Styling
    Have a 2006 B9 with no roof rack or rails so I bought the cross bars used but they didn't come with he bolts. I popped the rail caps off to look inside to see what i may need, as the bars have not arrived yet, and there are two threaded holes that look like they want to be the mounting hardware...
  2. Tribeca Misfire & Random issues

    Engine, Power, and Performance
    Hi everyone, I recently bought a 3.0 Tribeca. It had the CEL on (not flashing), VDC & CC light flashing. Went and diagnose it, had misfires on 2 & 4. We assumed the spark plugs, as they weren't changed in a long time and the car also has LPG. Cleared all the errors, 1 week drive, nothing...
  3. FS: 2010 Tribeca Touring

    We have recently acquired another vehicle and sadly the Tribeca is the one that has to go. 2010 Subaru Tribeca Touring Asking $7400 O.B.O. Located near Council Bluffs, IA It has been well cared for it's entire life and being it is a touring trim, it has all the options. We bought it with 40k...
  4. FS: 2008 Stock Tribeca Wheels

  5. Is this seat upgrade possible?

    Recently i have bought a 2006 Subaru Tribeca with cloth seats. I am wondering about upgrading to leather. I can upgrade the seats from a 2007 or a 2013 model with leather seats from the wreckers. Will both options fit? also i believe the 2013 model has heated seats, would the heated seats work...
  6. 2008 Tribeca Limited-car is SOLD!

    Hello. 95k miles. one owner (me). Has been in Georgia and Florida entire life. Never in an accident taken care of mechanically as is wife's daily driver. Is 7 passenger Limited trim, leather, power heated front row seats, dvd, nav, etc. Clear title in hand. We can go to County tax office to...
  7. 2011 Tribeca Main Engine Seals

    I own a 2011 SBT9 that has just a shade over 93K miles (I bought used with 11k miles). The warranty has just expired. I brought the vehicle in to have the passenger air bag recall completed but when I picked up the vehicle the Subaru mechanics advised that I should have the main engine seals...
  8. FS: 2012 Tribeca 3.6 R Touring Sport Utility

    Mileage: 115,155 Automatic Blue Excellent Condition Sunroof, navigation system, back-up camera, leather interior, rear entertainment center, new tires at mile 115, 132 and new engine at mile 115,045. New strutts, brakes, and all service and maintenance has been done. Ready to drive. Just like a...
  9. My 06 B9 Transformation

    Exterior / Styling
    Beca pics when I bought it was pretty plain. SO I decided to add a few things to make it more suitable for my lifestyle. Here it is plain. Side Pic stock Rear Pic Stock Front Shot Pic Stock
  10. 2006 Tribeca wiper blade refill

    I wasn't able to find hardly anything on using Subaru OEM wiper blade refills. There's a lot of folks that use aftermarket replace arms, but I went the refill route. I order the 2 front and 1 rear from the Subie dealership (14", 20", and 26"). The instructions weren't exactly right printed...
  11. Johns 08 Tribeca

    Members' Journals
    Hello all. Decided to make a thread to show recent upgrades I did on my 2008 Tribeca. Ive needed to due my brakes for months so this was a good opportunity to get it all handled. Purchased some 2015 Sti base wheels off craigslist in good condition, just a little rash. Had em re painted for...
  12. Engine is out... Valve covers are leaky - should I replace the head gaskets?

    Engine, Power, and Performance
    Hi, I'd appreciate some input. I've got a 2008 Tribeca. Has 142,000 miles on it. Dealer has noted, on various occasions, both the head gaskets and valve covers are leaking. The engine is out and I can confirm it's only the valve covers. Should I still replace the head gaskets? They look...
  13. 06 Nav Screen Issues

    So I just bought an 06 Tribeca and I am in love. Unfortunately the trash I bought it from treated it terribly so it definitely needed (up to this point) 48 solid hours of cleaning and maintenance to get into tip top condition. One of the unsurprising things is the Nav screen is dead. And...
  14. ZE40's on 08' Beca

    Wheels & Tires
    Bought these back in August 2015 but haven't posted them yet. Here you go: Diamond Black ZE40's, 19x9.5, 22mm Offset, 255/50/19
  15. Intermittant Hard Misfire... '06 Tribeca H-6

    Engine, Power, and Performance
    Hey guys, It has been a while. I am encountering an intermittent hard misfire at idle and at speed warm and cold. She “hard stumbles” for 1-2 seconds and then clears. There is no set pattern or regularity. There are NO trouble codes. If anyone has had and solved an issue like this please...