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  1. Overheating at traffic lights what could it be? '06

    Engine, Power, and Performance
    Hey, I'm a bit used to mechanics of a old V8's... not this new stuff. I have a couple major clues here on the overheating. My wife's '06 Tribeca occasionally starts overheating when she idles, the temp gauge goes up to 4/5ths or so. Then it hovers between 50% and a little over when moving...
  2. 2006 Tribeca overheating after car accident

    Engine, Power, and Performance
    We were in an accident in January. A lady thought she had enough time to turn in front of us. She didn't. The front end of our Tribeca hit the passenger side of the lady's vehicle. The repair shop replaced several items, including the radiator. We had to take the Tribeca back to the repair...