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  1. Engine, Power, and Performance
    Hi all, thanks for your advice. I've had my 3L, 2007 7-seater for 1 year now. When I was looking at it, it had an oil leak. The right-side rocker cover was repaired straight after purchase and I didn't see any more leaks. I thought the worst was over. I sent it in for a major service (at 205k...
  2. Engine, Power, and Performance
    Last year I bought an 07 Tribeca with 155k on it. It seems to be in great condition and very clean. The guy who had it before me said he liked to do things himself on it which is fine I do too but it developed an oil leak and he tried to epoxy what he thought was leaking but it didn’t work. When...
  3. Engine, Power, and Performance
    Is anyone using a non oem oil filter. I have some oil leaking around where the oil cooler is. I changed the filter and the gasket and it is still leaking. Any ideas? THX The leak is not bad. I just see the oil filter and cooler are wet with a little oil.
1-3 of 3 Results