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  1. OEM Roof Cross Bar Kit Bolt Size

    Exterior / Styling
    Have a 2006 B9 with no roof rack or rails so I bought the cross bars used but they didn't come with he bolts. I popped the rail caps off to look inside to see what i may need, as the bars have not arrived yet, and there are two threaded holes that look like they want to be the mounting hardware...
  2. FS: 2008 Stock Tribeca Wheels

  3. 2008 Tribeca 18" rims + tires

    I have for sale a complete set of Tribeca rims, also sporting Bridgestone Blizzak snow tires. Lots of tread remaining.(over 70%) TPMS sensors are fully functional The tires are wrapped in plastic bags for storage but I can send pics if need be. I don't want to swap the sets anymore when...