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  1. Tribeca Misfire & Random issues

    Engine, Power, and Performance
    Hi everyone, I recently bought a 3.0 Tribeca. It had the CEL on (not flashing), VDC & CC light flashing. Went and diagnose it, had misfires on 2 & 4. We assumed the spark plugs, as they weren't changed in a long time and the car also has LPG. Cleared all the errors, 1 week drive, nothing...
  2. Cylinder 1 Misfire

    Engine, Power, and Performance
    I have been having intermittent cylinder 1 misfires. Getting a P0301 Code. Engine light blinking. I replaced all of the spark plugs, as well as switched coil 1 with coil 6 to see if a bad coil could be the problem. But the problem still persists in cylinder 1. It misfires at idle as well as...
  3. Intermittant Hard Misfire... '06 Tribeca H-6

    Engine, Power, and Performance
    Hey guys, It has been a while. I am encountering an intermittent hard misfire at idle and at speed warm and cold. She “hard stumbles” for 1-2 seconds and then clears. There is no set pattern or regularity. There are NO trouble codes. If anyone has had and solved an issue like this please...
  4. P0304 misfire HELP! ?

    Hello there, I have the ol' p0304 misfire plaguing me. 2006 B9 Tribeca 3.0 H-6 Here is what I've done so far with no results: Replaced all 6 spark plugs changed plug coils around to isolate misfire (to opposite side of engine, no change) changed locations of all six fuel injectors (no...