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  1. Warranty/TSB/Maintenance
    I own a 2011 SBT9 that has just a shade over 93K miles (I bought used with 11k miles). The warranty has just expired. I brought the vehicle in to have the passenger air bag recall completed but when I picked up the vehicle the Subaru mechanics advised that I should have the main engine seals...
  2. Warranty/TSB/Maintenance
    I bought my 2008 Tribeca in January 2014. It only had 26,000 miles on it and looked new. I don't know the service history. I had the 30,000 maintenance done on it right after I bought it. It is now 7 years old. Given the low millage, should I be having the maintenance done based on age...
  3. Warranty/TSB/Maintenance
    Hi all. I've had my '07 Subie for about 3 years now, got around 124,000 miles on it. I plan on going on a very long road trip, Washington DC to Dallas, TX and possibly to Los Angeles, about 3500 miles round trip I just wanted to know what maintenance I would need to do before I go. This will be...
1-3 of 3 Results