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head gasket

  1. 2006 b9 transmission swap

    hello all, I have an 06 tribeca b9 and the trans slips in 4th and 5th gears. needless to say i want to change the trans since its cheaper then rebuilding it. I found some at the jdm importers near me but the trans codes are different. my trans code is TG5C9CMAAA-Z4 and one that im looking at...
  2. Handy list of USDM vs. JDM EZ30D (Gen 2) differences

    I don't plan on being a regular here, but I figured this information would be quite helpful for anyone swapping a JDM motor into their 06-07 Tribeca. I recently picked up an 06 Tribeca showing signs of severe head gasket/head failure for a price that suited me for a long-term vehicle. Upon...
  3. head gaskets probably

    Engine, Power, and Performance
    I really need your advice on the issue I have with my 2006 Tribeca. I bought the car 3 months ago and since then I've been having nothing but problems. Once, the engine got overheated. Fortunately, the temperature wasn't that high to make some damage (or maybe I'm just wrong). I took the car...