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  1. Warranty/TSB/Maintenance
    Not sure if there is anything you guys can help with, but if anyone has advice I would appreciate it. I have a 2012 Tribeca and the engine is now shot. I've had No issues, oil change done every 10,000, never even had a warning light come on at all. All of a sudden I wake up start the car and it...
  2. Engine, Power, and Performance
    Hi all. 2006 B9 Limited. 110k miles. Engine won't start one morning in May this year after a over filled gas tank. CEL spits out P0171 and P0174. Get her to the local Subaru shop with great reputation mid-July after putting her at side street for almost two months in FL weather. The canister...
  3. Engine, Power, and Performance
    I have a 2008 subaru tribeca that has been leaking oil since being hit about a week ago (i've been making sure to top it up ever since i noticed). I was on my way to get it checked out today and all the sudden my oil light came on then all my lights came on and my steering wheel seized up. I...
1-3 of 3 Results