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  1. LED Headlights?

    Good Morning, I am new to this forum, as I recently purchased a '07 Tribeca. Im sure I will have several more questions, but for today: Has anyone tried to replace your headlight bulbs with these new LED headlight replacement kits yet? LED advancement has quickly accelerated in the past...
  2. My thoughts on low beam bulbs...

    Exterior / Styling
    On both of our Subaru cars I have replaced 55W low bean bulbs with 65W ones. After one year of use one of the 65W bulbs has failed and I took this opportunity to take 3 pictures. 1st one is one year old 65W bulb. Notice that there is some stain on the glass caused by material that evaporated...
  3. Headlight bulb recommendation

    Exterior / Styling
    Hello all, I see plenty of remarks about the Tribeca headlight bulbs burning out, does anyone have experience with longer lasting bulbs that are also brighter than stock? In my Outback I have Philips crystal vision ultra and they lasted two years and still going. Any suggestions? Thanks