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  1. Engine, Power, and Performance
    Hi guys, I bought a 2007 B9 Tribeca about a month ago, it has 148,xxx miles on it. It works great until recently, I got couple problems with it which hoping to find out how to fix them: Problem #1 The instrument cluster is not working the way it should. Start from couple days ago, all the other...
  2. Engine, Power, and Performance
    Hi all, The belt tension adjuster pulley came off while driving yesterday. The pulley was caught by the shield under the front of the engine, but the bolt is nowhere to be found. The dealer doesn't have the bolt and must order it, and they say they don't have the specs regarding the size...
  3. General
    ok so when i bought the tribeca it was driving that ive had it about 3-5 days its giving misfires on 1-3-5 and a p0016 code. ive replaced all the spark plugs and the cam shaft position sensor. i have a crank shaft position sensor but i have no idea where it is! i have a baby on the way...
1-3 of 3 Results