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  1. Engine, Power, and Performance
    Hi all. 2006 B9 Limited. 110k miles. Engine won't start one morning in May this year after a over filled gas tank. CEL spits out P0171 and P0174. Get her to the local Subaru shop with great reputation mid-July after putting her at side street for almost two months in FL weather. The canister...
  2. Exterior / Styling
    Beca pics when I bought it was pretty plain. SO I decided to add a few things to make it more suitable for my lifestyle. Here it is plain. Side Pic stock Rear Pic Stock Front Shot Pic Stock
  3. General
    I was trying to remember the routine for getting the DTC codes to appear on the dash and I performed the wrong steps. I turned ignition on then pressed trip/odometer button 3 times then ignition off trip/odometer button three times then ignition on and trip/odometer button 3 times. Obviously not...
1-3 of 3 Results