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Default Some common items to be aware of moving forward

Steering wheel controls - It may not be a bad thing if they're not working. When 'city driving' I often accidentally hit the wheel controls and it's annoying. What is more common is failure of the primary volume control on the main instrument panel. When it goes it is then impossible to set balance, fader and other functions. I just bought a panel at a boneyard for $60 which is cheap. Normally $100 - $150.
Seat and rear lid - I would start by checking all the fuses and relays. Sometimes the relays just need to be unplugged, cleaned, and put back in. I would also look for wiring problems. Someone vacuuming may have damaged the passenger seat connector.
Things to be aware of moving forward -
The radiators have a tendency to swell and rupture. If you're losing fluid and overheating check that first then replace if leaking.
The rear differential light goes off and on. I replaced the diff fluid a couple of times unnecessarily. It is the connector to the ground wire. I removed the female spade clip and soldered the wire to the male spade.
VVT senders go out all the time. You'll get P codes for that side of the engine, so either P0301, P0303, P0305 - or - P0302, P0304, P0306. I am doing one of these today in fact. It's an annoyance.
Window controls always get 'touchy'. You can actually disassemble them, clean them, and reinstall.
Good Luck.
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