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Default What was your first drive on the roads like?

I just got my Learners permit today, wasn't nervous on the road, quite a few mistakes. How about you?
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The day I got my license at 16, I drove to a friend's house. It was fall and she lived on a hilly street. When I tried to drive away from the house, uphill, the car slipped on the wet leaves and I could not get traction...had no clue as what to do while the wheels kept spinning and make all kinds of terrible noises! I kep trying to go faster and faster...and got nowhere. There is so much to learn and only practice and getting into different situations can teach you those things. When in doubt, slow down.
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Congratulations on your permit!!
I still can remember my first drive on the road. I got butterflies in my belly, but they wear off eventually just as I got used to driving techniques. At first I was struggling to keep the car cantered since I didn’t have the control of the steering wheel. But later on I got my focus accurately and then found it easy to control the steering wheel.
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I remember my first drive as it was with my best friend and we both drove the car very crazily and we knocked out a tree.
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HAHA, great topic!
I actually got my motorcycle license before my car....16 & 9 months for a learners permit and I bought a Suzuki RG250 that had a racing gearbox......
Anyway, I did eventually get my car license @19 i think. The memory that stands out is my father and I went to the markets, I drove us home. Driving from the car park I had to stop on a rather steep gradient to enter the main roadway. The car behind me stopped right on my bumper and I was asked "Can you do a hill start.....have you ever done one?", I say "No, but i'm sure it's not that hard!"
All full of confidence I rip up the handbrake, rev crap outta it and drop the clutch......with smoke pouring from the front wheels (late 80s camry) i dropped the handbrake and entered the main road like nigel mansell.
Just lucky everything fell into place because it surely didnt go to plan!...and that the cop just down the way was lenient to a driver displaying a big yellow "L" plate in the window
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I got my license at 16. My first time solo was uneventful. My first time with a passenger was my younger sister. I was talking and probably playing with the radio. I looked up and the traffic signal was yellow for who knows how long. I slammed on the brakes (stood on them). I went skidding half way through the intersection. People were all looking as the car was slightly sideways when it stopped. My sister was in tears and really scared. Oh well inexperience but at least I didn't hit anything.
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I barely remember getting my driver's license the first time, aside from it being uneventful.

Not really a first time, but later I moved to Canada, and eventually had to get a local driver's license. I was warned by other immigrants who had gone through it before that the local testers always failed you the first time. And sure enough ... the woman who was testing me drove me around and around until she accumulated enough supposed errors to disqualify me, then triumphantly revealed that I had failed. I still remember the smug look and patronizing tone of her voice as she informed me that, while my driving may have been adequate back home, I did not drive "up to Canadian standards".

The only problem (for her) was that the biggest black mark, which alone would have been enough to disqualify, was failing to slow for a school zone. And I absolutely did not slow down, because it was not a school day! So she sheepishly had to take that one off, and the other stuff she made up (like multiple failing to stop at a stop sign, which I never do anyway, and certainly would not be stupid enough to do on a test!) was not enough to disqualify me, so I got my license anyway.
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Well seeing that I got my learners permit back in 1964, I can't remember what my first drive was like. But I believe it was in my Dad's 1959 Ford driving around a parking lot probably with him on pins and needles.
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