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Default P0700 & p1840

07 Tribeca 3.0L Girlfriend had to floor gas to keep speed at 60mph then car showed p0700 and p1840. Did ATF change a couple of months ago and a couple of days ago replaced oil cooler gasket, oil and filter change, and coolant flush. What do I do to fix this? Thank you.
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What the P0700 code means. P0700 is set when the PCM detects a malfunction in the transmission control system. This malfunction causes the vehicle to set a Check Engine Light and trigger a failsafe mode. Once the failsafe mode is set it will remain until the fault is repaired or normal operation is detected.
So you replaced the ATF fluid. Did you get OEM fluid? Did you replace the filter? Have you rechecked the fluid level. It's really important to use OEM or OEM grade fluid in these transmissions. How bad was the fluid that you removed? This error will put your vehicle in a limp home mode and needs serious attention.

Home SubaruP1840 Subaru DTC P1840

Make:SubaruCode:P1840Definition:Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor Switch A CircuitDescription:Front brake oil pressure switch malfunction. Excessive shift shock felt.Cause: Open or shorted Fr/B fluid pressure switch or switch malfunction
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Yes only Subaru atf from dealer both times and I changed the filter with the second change. Where is the part located that is coming up as the fault with the P1840?
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Also fluid was dark maroon didn’t have metal flakes. Fluid at first was good drove about 50 miles had to add two bottles more but no visible leaks.
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Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor/Switch A Circuit

Fr/B oil pressure switch is open or
shorted, or switch malfunction

SWITCH A CIRCUIT, Diagnostic Procedure
with Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC).>

Sure sounds like a cabling issue?

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