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Default 09 remove transmission or engine

I am about to replace the torque converter and the valve cover gaskets on the 09. since the valve covers are somewhat difficult to get to would it be better to pull engine and replace covers and converter together.
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That is what I would do, since removing the transmission is more work underneath the car. Unless you have a lift and transmission jack.
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pull the engine.
while it's out i'd replace the serpentine pulley bearings, oil cooler coolant hose. they're all cheap, easily done with the engine out and eventually fail on every EZ engine.

and also consider replacing the spark plugs - they're harder to do by themselves than the valve cover gaskets. and check the coolant bypass line if the vehicle has ever been in a rust prone area.

how did you diagnose the torque converter as being bad?

pulling the trans is simpler and easier only if you're really set up to do it well. dirt in eyes, crawling under car, aligning trans/engine/visibility/light etc is all challenging.

if you can support the engine well and have a really good transmission jack (most don't seem to work that great with subaru's), pulling the transmission can be quicker. you don't have to deal with the A/C, coolant, throttle, power steering, starter/battery cables, which is all an even bigger plus if you're in the rust belt and all the fan bolts and hose fittings are rusty and will fail or take more time to deal with...there's a lot fewer parts and fluids to contend with if pulling the trans.

but that's a lot of if's and therefore pulling the engine is much preferred.
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I went ahead and removed tranny and did valve cover gaskets. I have a car lift so I went that route. As far as why I think it's the converter it has the famous shudder going into 3rd and 0 codes on the scan. Also it has a service bulletin out for this. I had my converter rebuilt for 175.00
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