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Default Extra key

I want to get a spare key as I only have one at the moment. Do I need to get the fob or will I simply just be able to get the key cut. If using the key only, will that set off the alarm. If I need to get the fob and key, any idea on cost?
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There are a few ways to go about this, first you need:

A key
A immobilizer chip (included with OEM key)
A fob if you want a spare.

I would recommend buying the new key and integrated fob from an online parts supplier. Like this: https://www.remotesremotes.com/produ...SABEgIJ9vD_BwE

And having it cut and programmed by the dealer or an automotive locksmith.

Or, buy from your local dealer precut and have it programmed.]

Or, buy a used key, buy a new flip key with blank, insert "fob" and chip into flip key, and have it cut/programmed.

In theory having the correct immobilizer will not set off the alarm, but in practice it does, it is best to use the Fob to unlock the vehicle and bypass the alarm.
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FOB programming is straight forward an in manual.

A key that starts the car needs the special chip (Immoblizer as mentioned by FLsubie)
This needs a well equiped locksmith or dealer to program it to car.

Have you looked in the glove box for the valet key? That will have a chip in it if you want to harvest that for a fully functioning key.

My dealer only charged me $20 to cut the key. I used the immobilizer chip from the fob and put it in a 'flip key' for subaru that I got on ebay.
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