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Daniel Stern and other automotive lighting authorities have in the past stated that the H7 is not a particularly long-lived bulb.

The strange thing is that particularly short life-spans of these bulbs seem to plague several specific Subaru vehicles.

The early BL/BP-chassis Legacys were such a problem spot, and many often blamed the seemingly especially short lifespan of these bulbs on that particular variant's use of the low-beam headlamps as the reduced-voltage DRLs.

What puzzled many is why specific vehicles would seem immune to such issues - while others suffered very, very accelerated lamp burn-outs.

To-date, I don't know if anyone's ever figured out the real reason why. There's some consensus in the enthusiast community that the previous-generation Subarus were especially prone to electrical noise in their systems: in the speed-detection countermeasures community, for-instance, Subaru vehicles from that particular generation - which would include -all- Tribeca model years - would routinely trip the alert on various RADAR/LASER detectors due to line noise (some were sufficiently suppressed via a simple ferrite choke, while others required more drastic measures).

It certainly doesn't help that for those of us with the original B9 noses, replacement of the low-beam bulbs are much more complicated for a chore!
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VERY interesting! Thanks for the info.

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Default Retaining clips

Hi everyone,

I've had the worst time with the headlights in my '06 Tribeca.

I bought the 'beca used and when the first bulb burned out (driver's side) I discovered that it was held in place with a home made wire device that didn't work at all. This explained the horrible beam direction.

And now that I'm looking at the retaining clip for the passenger side, I think it might be jerry-rigged as well

Does anyone have pics of the retaining clips - not installed in the headlight assembly - so I can compare to the twisted metal I've got?

Are the retaining clips the same for the passenger and driver side?

Does anyone know how to get the retaining clips without buying the entire headlight assembly?

Used headlight assemblies on e-bay cost about $150 each side when they're available - is that the only way to have headlights that point in the right direction?

Thanks for your help or input. Cheers.
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Yes the right headlight is a problem child (4 changes in 1 year and all that moisture- what is deal with that thing?!!?) but my 2010 Tribeca has almost 134,000 miles on it, city, backcountry jeep trails and everything in between and the dang headlight is the only thing I have had to do. I can't believe they don't make this model anymore. I don't want an outback and forester's NPR librarian appearance doesn't do it for me.
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I'm not sure what the deal is with the driver's side lighting. My low beam goes out about every three or four months. The wiring to the turn signal is finicky as well. I think there is a fray within the plastic wire casing causing a short of some sort because if I position the wire just right, the blinker works fine. Once the wire relaxes to its natural position, the blinker still illuminates, but is significantly dimmer and blinks quickly as though indicating it's out. The real pissy part about this, I think the wiring fault is right behind the connection and not mid-line.
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I made a tool with a piece of 10-12 gauge copper wire and a sta-con flat connector. crimp and solder the sta-con to the wire, about 5 inches of wire. bend the far end about 1 inch perpendicular up from the flat sta-con orientation. Once you remove the wires from the bulb, slide this on the top terminal, end pointing up for reference. Undo the clip, remove the bulb (i had dropped the bulb inside the outer section without this tool). Install the new tool on the new bulb in the same orientation. Install the bulb, avoiding dropping it in as mentioned! Fasten the spring clip. Remove the tool and install the wires. I also use a small mirror and flashlight. I'd add a photo but no way to do so.
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We have a 2006 Tribeca and a 2004 Outback, and after getting frustrated with changing the headlights and fog lights on a regular basis, I gave up on bright Halogens. I then bought some LED’s and they are brighter than any halogen I ever bought. They are awesome! I put LASFIT LED’s in for hi and low, and JDM ASTAR LED’s for fog lights on both of our Subaru’s and have never had an issue with a blown light again. Just make sure to order the correct ones for your vehicle and contact https://www.lasfit.com/ or http://jdmastar.com/ if you have any questions or for more information.

Here’s the bright LED’s I went with for headlights:

Here’s the bright YELLOW LED’s I went with for our fog lights:

I have been using them for a few years now with no complaints. The Low beams are bright, but not blinding to other vehicles. The Hi beams are VERY bright and the best I have ever seen. The yellow fog lights are very yellow and bright, and not blinding by reflection in fog like the bright halogens were.
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