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Default Navigation Screen

Does anyone know if the navigation screen from a 2006 will fit in a 2009? I've been scouring ebay and noted that it seems revisions has changed? My screen in the 2009 is slowly dying and I found someone selling the screen from a 2006 Beca.
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I am not the authority on this so you may want to conduct more research. The navigation system has not changed for the life of the Tribeca. I think the monitor is the same for all 2006 - 2014 vehicles. The Kenwood FGZ000UF2 monitor was used.

Attached is a link for the service manual if this helps troubleshoot your current issues.

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Thx for reply. I believe there is revision changes as the part I have is 86281-XA05B from a 2009 TriBeCa and the one you show is 86281-XA00A

Not sure what is the difference if this is a revision change.
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Reviving this older post, I'm in the same boat.

My 2008 Tribeca has the 86281-XA05B (FGZ001UF2) nav screen that I suspect needs to be replaced.

There are a number of 2006/2007 model year 86281-XA00A (FGZ000UF2) units available on line that are significantly cheaper than the XA05B's.

Other than the model revision these units look identical, has anyone tried and been successfull replacing the a 2008+ nav screen with one of these older 2006/2007 units?

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James, did you ever replace your screen?
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