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Originally Posted by Peaty
The other day it was dark out and I started the B9. My display that shows all the audio / MPG info was blank as I was driving down the road. No lights at all as if the car was off (I have no NAV system just the DVD) I was at a loss for what was going on. I could hear the radio and was able to switch modes but no display. I hit one of the buttons (info I think) and it popped back on. I'm pretty sure I hit it before but maybe not. I did try the dim wheel and what not while it was off but nothing. It seemed to fix itself which makes me nervous. Anyone have this happen ever?
That sounds weird... sounds more like a short in the system? the only thing I can remember about any similar issue was in my old 2001 Rav 4. the stereo lights would go off(sound was still on) when going over a heavy bump and the dealer ended up replacing the head unit.
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