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Default CEL, flashing cruise, traction warning lights.

Thought I post these 3 causes for CEL, flashing cruise, and traction lights all activated at the same time.

- Weak battery or flaky ground. Check ground and/or replace battery.
- Dirty or stuck VVT valves (left and/or right). Remove, disassemble and clean, then cycle it a few times on the bench using a 12v power source, if it work 10/10 times, reinstall, else replace.
- During shifting from drive to park, once in a while if one lingers too long at Neutral position before moving the stick to park, the above 3 lights lit up as indicated. Those 3 lights will go out on their own after a few normal driving cycles. I usually put the car in N, set the parking brake, let go of the main brake to make sure the parking brake can hold the car on a hill, before moving the stick to P. This place less stress on the tranny linkage when I shift the car from park to drive.
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Originally Posted by ib9owner View Post
3 causes for CEL, flashing cruise, and traction lights all activated at the same time..
In Subaru, when ECU, TCM or any other control module detects any abnormal input, it will throw CEL along with cruise and traction light. When TCM detects something wrong, it will add to these lights flashing AT temp warning light.
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Yup. If you CEL (Check engine light) is on, it means the computer has detected an error. Hooking up a scanner (free at most autoparts stores, or $20 for a simple one) will tell you EXACTLY what the computer detector. No need to guess.

The traction and cruise is just part of the error response of the computer. Not a symptom.

A flashing CEL is a sign that the issue is more serious and needs immediate attention. A steady on light should also be investigated.

If only fixing the underlying issue was always as easy as finding out what the computer senses is wrong. Often it is easy, but sometimes (like with misfires) it can be more difficult. But usually not too bad.
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