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So catch cans help with burning oil that would make it to the cats? I might go with Edge Again. The High Mileage version is also A3/B4. However, with my JDM engine only having 48k miles on it would probably be a bad idea to use anything with seal swelling agents.

I used Rotella T6 just for this OCI since I had it laying around after I discontinued use in my FXT because it had to robbing horsepower due to the thickness at temperature.

In turn, it will probably be robbing fuel economy from the Tribeca (which I really don't care much about if it protects the engine better).

However, I don't think that I am going to subject my cats to that stuff...just not worth it.

Heck, the main reason I use Synthetic is for longer OCI because I am lazy. Changing cats out sounds like not a whole lot of fun in terms of time and wallet!
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I stopped the t6 because of the issues with the timing chain tensioners and thicker oils, its now back on 30wt and runs just fine.
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I forgot about that. Right back to 30w for me at next OCI.
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