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Default 2006 B9 Gas Tank Leak

I have gasoline leaking from the tank or associated hoses. It drips from the tray beneath the tank on the passenger side. Only when the tank is full or near full. I took it to my mechanic and he said the cost and work to remove the tank is prohibitive (2006, 170k miles) with expected broken bolts (Subaru hardware is crap, corrosion prone). The book says 6 hours to RR which would be more since my exhaust is now all welded (crap rusty connectors). The rear suspension must be unbolted and the driveshaft also. Estimated ~1500$ all said and done. The tank is $$ too... He suggests don't fill it up.

Anyway, what could be leaking from the top? I'm thinking of getting an inspection camera, endoscope, to take a look. THe mechanic said the smell was from the driver side. Perhaps it migrates to the passenger side to drip...

Is there a panel under the rear seat to gain access to the pump, etc?

There is a youtube video about removing the tank taken in a junkyard that is amusing.
Also a video about a Forester which seems similarly a major job.

I'm thinking this may be the straw. I hate to just throw the car away, it's pretty good otherwise. Should I expect another big bill with timing chains soon? Grr...
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One thing you can do is open up the two access covers, for the fuel pump and for the second fuel level sensor/Venturi pump. Those are under the back seat (2d row if you have three). This is where the plumbing is connected. Not much room to poke around, but a flashlight and an inspection mirror might help. Also check where the filler pipe connects to the tank. If nothing is amiss, then you'd have to suspect the tank is leaking, probably at the seam where the top portion is welded to the saddle-shaped "tub". My former Impreza developed the same symptom, but it was 22+ years old at the time.
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Default THanks!

Knowing that there are inspection/access panels to remove gives me some hope. Perhaps it is the gasket around the pump, etc. at the top of the tank!
I'll check when I get a chance...
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