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Default Changing Gears Jolting

Hey all,

I have 2008 subaru tribeca and it has started frequently jolting when it changes gears, especially at the lower speeds. When it's not jolting it just sounds like it is really struggling to get to the next gear. Usually when these things start happening the ABS, at oil temp (but temperature gage doesn't go up at all) along with the cruise light flashing, check engine on, and the VDC indicator with the slash through it which usually all come on when something goes wrong and stay on longer than all the other lights do. I assumed i may have been low on transmission fluid so went ahead and checked the levels (at normal running temp and after changing all the gears with the p brake on) and it was very close to full. Went ahead and checked the oil as well just to be safe and that was the same. Usually if i turn off the car and let it sit for a while the jolting will go away for a bit but like i said check engine, VDC, and flashing cruise stay on at least for a while. Is my transmission shot or is this some other issue i'm totally over looking?
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You need to get the codes read shortly after it happens. They will be stored. Then you will know what is up. Dealer for TCU codes. Or if you are up for it, give FreeSSM a try: FreeSSM - Complete access to your ECM and TCU - Subaru Outback - Subaru Outback Forums
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engine, gear changing, jolting, transmission

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