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Default Rear Differential Light Flashing

This morning on my way home from work my rear differential light would flash for a second when I would press on the gas. It would really flash when I throttled hard. At idle it or cruising the light wouldn't go on. Anybody have a clue as to what that means aside from the obvious that the rear diff may be going bad?

06 Tribeca LTD with 87,000 miles purcahsed new.
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Beyond low diff fluid (it's a diff "heat problem" indicator), possibly a short in the sender connection at the diff. I seem to recall some of the STI guys mentioning this (same differential between the two), or possibly cold weather - not sure where you are - but snow/ice could also be the culprit.
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I'm in New Jersey and the weather has been below 20 degrees F. I'm really glad I have the Gold Warranty.
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Changed your rear diff fluid at all during your ownership? S'posed to pull it at 30k iirc.
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I did a write up on here somewhere, mine was the connector for the sensor, at the rear of the car, it gets corroded, and you hit bumps and the light flashes/flickers.

10 minute repair, get under the car, pull the wire off, clean both ends out, put some dilectric grease (get a little spark plug packet at the local auto parts place) but it back together and viola.

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Default Wire broken

I had the same problem light started flashing sporadically. I went underneath to clean it and noticed the wire was off of the connector and must have been touching it has i drove around. Anybody know what the cost is to replace it?
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