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My dealer charges $50 to rescan but $40 to change summer to snows and visa versa - the changeover would include scanning. I guess the option is a no brainer - save my back and let the dealer do the works. I like to do things myself, make sure the torqueing is perfect - oh well.

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You can also simulate a Limited slip diff in your regular car. If you are stuck in a snow back etc. and one tire is just spinning like mad. Apply the brake slowly while gassing it. Eventually it will trick the diff. into transferring the power to the wheel that is not moving.
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I'm prepped for snow ;-)
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Default Tpms diy

So for anyone interested, you can have a separate set of Summer and Winter rims, both containing TPMS sensors so you don't have to look at the light for the winter and\or summer season.

You have 2 options.

First option would be to have Programmable TPMS sensors installed into your aftermarket setup, and have your current sensor ID's programmed into the aftermarket sensors. At that point you would just need to do nothing more than swap from summer to winter and back again. Nothing more, nothing less.

Second option is what I have. I purchased aftermarket rims, and 4 valve stems\sensors from Subaru. Mounted everything, had the shop read the sensor ID's from the new sensors I purchased and note it on the receipt. I also purchased a Ateq Quickset tool and programmed that. Now when I switch from summer to winter or vice versa, I can hook the tool up and flash the new ID's in so that the light stays off, but the system is still fully functional.

Works great for me, and is perfect as I have 2 Tribecas (wife's and mine) with separate Summer\Winter setups. The reason I went with Ateq is because I was able to buy 8 Sensors from a Subaru Dealership that were pulloffs from brand new vehicles that were getting aftermarket wheels installed, for a really good price. The Ateq Quickset can hold up to 4 vehicles.

Also if you go with the Ateq, you don't have to buy Subaru Sensors. You can buy aftermarket. Either way you would need the ID's read so you can program the tool and your car.

I believe the Tribeca can only hold 1 set of TPMS Sensor ID's at a time, so either need to duplicate ID's, or have a tool that can swap them. Hope this helps.

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