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Default Touchscreen doesn't boot when it is cold(not freezing)

We have a new to us 2009 Tribeca with a newly installed touchscreen installed by the dealer. (like 2 to 3 weeks ago)

This is what the touchscreen is doing.

when cold, (it's like 8C or 55F) and I have not been running the car, put the key in and turn it to ACC, and the touchscreen does nothing, but the radio does work, I can receive am/fm sat and I can get the rear DVD to work. There is simply a blank screen (I originally thought the engine had to be running for the touchscreen to work)

I turn the key to the on position, sometimes I get the subaru splashscreen on the touchscreen, it looks like it constantly rebooting. Other times I just get blank screen, same as with ACC.

I start the engine. the Touchscreen will always (or at least it's been everytime) boot up, but usually is very glitchy. The splash screen will lead to the accept screen, and then randomly go back to the splashscreen of subaru again. It will be difficult to use and randomly change screens, and the mode buttons under the screen sometimes work to change the display but often do not. And the screen will act like it is constantly getting pressed in corners.

I understand when the screen has a critical error the mode buttons below it will start to blink red, I have never seen this on our Tribeca.

The longer the system is on (not necessarily engine running, last night i was testing it and was not running the engine most of the time)

Ok now later, the system has been on a while, if it's been really glitchy it might be hung... but turn off the key turn back on and it works solidly and perfectly.

After the system has been on relevantly short amount of time

it will start to try to start when ACC is on (multiple splashscreen trying to boot)
start the engine and it usually works completely well.

After it's been working for a while

I can turn off the ignition and turn to ACC and the whole system boots up solidly and works perfectly well, as well as when the car is started.

soooo, any Ideas... cool and wet outside, we are not experiencing freezing weather, it has not gone below 0C or 32F yet even at night.

I have not experienced the red blinky lights of death from the mode buttons below the touchscreen, which is a new touchscreen just installed.


2009 Tribeca limited w/nav DVD system and rearview
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Something definitely doesn't seem right with your setup. Almost sounds like a loose connection to me. Do you have Navigation?
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Cold makes things shrink, especially metal wires covered in vinyl jackets... it is completely plausible that something could be making contact when it's warm but not when cold, and logic would dictate that's what is most likely going on here.

Take it back to the dealer (I believe all dealer-installed OEM parts are covered under warranty for one year, regardless of the vehicle's original warranty) and have them fix it. Otherwise, in a pinch you can try unplugging and reconnecting all of the wiring harnesses to see if that fixes the problem.
Disclaimer - I am not a professional mechanic... but I do watch a lot of YouTube videos that are published by professional mechanics.

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